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Assignment 1 Reflective Learning Log (Rll)

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RLL NURS1101 Week 3: Nursing as an Art & Science
Week 3’s NURS1101 class commenced with a DVD lecture on seizures & the different type’s people could succumb to. The level & seriousness is determined by the seizure classification indicator. First it is divided into being a partial or generalised activity, a partial seizure is one originating in one part of the brain & is diagnosed as simple or complex, whereas a generalised seizure’s activity involves the entire brain & diagnosed as absence, myoclonic, tonic clonic, tonic or atonic. The information is set out in a table for on the website: Discussion about ...view middle of the document...

Science of nursing is being able to understand the instigating or causing factors behind why the client had ended up in requiring you care & assistance in the first place. Being able to understand about the health & wellbeing of clients you are to provide care for. Reading between the lines.
An activity about trust for students which included an experience of blindness for class members has everyone divide into pairs, preferably with a class member they don’t know. One of the members of the pairs is blindfolded; the other had to guide their blind class mate for a walk out the building, down the stairs & close to a quarter of the way around the school. At this stage the blindfold is handed to the second member of the pair & the newly un-blinded class member must undertake the role of guiding nurse & lead or guide their blind partner back around the path we took, up the stairs & back into the class room. Majority of the class felt their other senses, such as hearing, smelling & feeling or temperature senses become sharper, people thought other pairs quite a distance away were close in front or beside & would raise their arms & feel around with their hands to be sure they wouldn’t bump into any one around them.
A case study on a client who had fallen on the floor beside their bed & was calling out in pain & moaning but not speaking was used for the class to discuss & take notes on assessing the client fall as well as the environment where the fall had taken place. The client had COAD as well as emphysema & required constant oxygen therapy. Discussion of the safety precautions for someone receiving oxygen by the class & how the fall might have been prevented.
A demonstration of bed making scenario was performed by the lecturers & the class was to determine what they were doing wrong while making the bed with a client still in it. This included inappropriate conversation about other workers & clients along with ignoring the client in their presence whose bed they were making. Students then had to re make their own bed with another class mate in the proper way which had just been demonstrated. We had to know when to wash our hands afterward.

RLL NURS1101 Week 4: Infection Control, Art of Caring, Self Concept
During week 4’s lesson for NURS1101, the class is introduced to one of the serious & possibly harmful or contaminated risks of the nursing profession & health care, infection control. This section will include the standard or additional precautions needed to be followed by those working, or intending to work in the health care industry. Also as part of this week’s tutorial & workshop the class looks at & discusses different views/prospects of nursing care techniques, the art of caring as well as allowing students to discuss & look at their own perspective or self concept in nursing. This is including what, how & why, or the general impact on others or clients, that different people have due to diverse self concepts put forth by the...

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