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Assignment 1: Fundamentals Of Effective Communication In The Workplace

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Assignment 1: Fundamentals of Effective Communication in the workplace
BUS 100

The ability to communicate is one of the key factors to have a successful business. You could offer an excellent product or service, but if you’re unable to promote your services and communicate effectively with clients and co-workers the potential for growth is limited. The principle areas of communication are: Purpose, Style and listening.
The Purpose: Today’s society focuses on customers’ satisfaction, most business ask the consumer to take surveys to learn more about their experience. It is highly important to make sure our customers leave happy and satisfied with our service, ...view middle of the document...

I would also give them options to look over magazines, product reviews and before and after pictures of hair products I recommended for regular use. By the time I was ready to start, my clients were well informed, creating extra revenue for me because they were always interested on one of the products. Once the client would sit on my chair I would start my client consultation, this process is highly important to make sure we are on the same page as the customer.
Listening: During a client consultation I made sure to listen to my client’s needs and use active listening to give the client a sense of confidence and assure them that they would be taken care of, I also made sure to clarify any doubts with the client. For example, when the client would ask to have a haircut or trimming of only one inch, I would always ask them to describe what one inch meant to them. My clientele was constant. My customers kept returning back to me and bringing in new customers with them, one of the best complements I got was “You never leave my...

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