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Assignment 1: Finding The Leader In You

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Self-assessments can sometime determine the type of leadership skills a person may have. Most assessments can help a person determine their strengths and weaknesses that however will help them increase their leadership skills on account of becoming a leader. I however took several assessment to determine what type of leader I am. The assessments that I took were the “A Twenty-First-Century Manager, “TT” Leadership Style Assessment, Intuitive Ability, Conflict Management Strategies, Time Management Profile, Organizational Design Preference and Which Culture Fits You.? I was really confident that I would blow this out the water. I had to go back and reevaluate my leadership skills after I reviewed my results.
With the Twenty First Century Manager assessment which offers a self-described profile of myself in regards to my ...view middle of the document...

My scores were somewhat okay. They are; Yielding tendency: 15 Compromising tendency: 17 Forcing tendency: 18 7Problem-solving tendency: 15 and Avoiding tendency: 19. Time Management; I know for a guaranteed fact my time management is completely out of wacked. I’m not sure if my score is actually below average but it can’t be that bad, my score for time management was a 7.

Last but not least we have the Organizational Design Preference assessment. It interprets that it measures your preference for working in an organization designed along organic or mechanistic lines. My score was a 68, and it states that if I were to score above a 64. That I am very comfortable with a mechanistic design. Finally my last assessment was Which Culture Fits You my ending result score for this was a 3. Which I believe is the club environment, and is the best environment to describe me.
As a person I am very loyal and trustworthy and my word is concreat. I do have some people in my life including family and friends, who sometimes use me to their advantage. As a child coming up I was the little annoying chubby girl. Who no one wanted to be around, it’s sort of unbearable to handle when you don’t know why anyone wants to have you in their presence. This evaluation helped me understand that I am a leader and will continue to be a leader for the upcoming generation beneath me. Saying this is that I am my mothers and fathers only child that completed my Undergraduate degree and now pursing my Masters.
My career choice, is to become a Health Service administrator. These scores speak to me in a way that I know I capable of one day to be able to Administrate my own health facility. Through everything I’ve been through. I first was a follower. But as I grew and made my transition from a little girl to a woman and with the help of this assessment. I know that I am and will be a great successful leader.

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