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Assignment 1 Cs 782

973 words - 4 pages

Assignment 1

CS 782 Fall 2013

Author: Almas Zakat

Date September 23, 2013


1. Introduction_____________________________________________ 3
2. Business Model_________________________________________ 3
3. Operational Model_______________________________________ 5
4. Business Model_________________________________________ 6
5. Conclusion ____________________________________________ 6


1. Introduction

In order to ensure compatibility (conjugation) and information security, harmonization of ...view middle of the document...

* Diagnostic and repairing.
* Efficient and quick response to the technical problems.
* Network administration
* Security information system.
* Installing and recovering software.
* Administration of Information systems and Internet network connections.
* Design and installation of communication networks, local area networks.
* Inventory inspection of equipment.
* Nighttime duty.
6. IT Project Management government’s organizations.
7. Registration in and domain names.
8. Hosting:
* Providing secure backup for Information Systems.
* Providing a virtual server.
* Renting a server hosting.
* Administration of the system of basic software.
Market position of “Onitec” is primarily oriented to corporative clients mostly government agencies such that:
* Ministry of Transport and communications
* Ministry of Justice of the Republic Kazakhstan
* Ministry of Finance
* Ministry of Education and Science
* The General Prosecutors Office

Value preposition. “Onitec’s” main strategy focuses on three main aspects.
1. Performance: we regard as of paramount importance the result, the capability of achieving the goals and gaining maximum possible output from all available human, technological and technical resources.
2. Quality: the results from our work always meet the customers’ demands and expectations, because services delivered by us and products created are reliable, user-friendly and secure. Our ability to ensure quality result without alteration sander makes is based on high professionalism, on understanding of the very core of goals, and of our customers’ needs and demands.
3. Team: our current and future achievements are common achievements of all our people constituting the highly-professional, responsible and close-knit team: the team that rationally applies knowledge and technologies, the team that is capable of keeping word and constantly raising the bar, the team in which each member possesses inherent ability to pursue common goals and high inner motivation to achieve the result.
Today the market share is about 60% of the market. Its clients are mostly government agencies. 27% large and middle size companies, 3% small companies. (
One of the Company’s bright performance indicators is the UN's annual rating of global e-Readiness. In that rating, Kazakhstan in 2012 raised from 46thto 38thposition, and the 1st position among Central Asian countries.
Electronic-Participation Index that evaluates the accessibility of laws, rules, and in...

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