Assignment 1

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Assignment 1.1
1. What is an argument?
- A two-part structure of a claim, one part of which is given as a reason for thinking and the other part, the conclusion.

2. T or F: A claim is what you use to state an opinion or a belief.
- True

3. T or F: Critical thinking involves attacking other people.
- False, critical thinking is the careful application of a reason in the determination of whether a claim is true.

4. T or F: Whether a passage contains an argument depends on how long it is.
- False, we give an argument when given a reason to believe a claim is true.

5. T or F: When a claim has been questioned, an issue has been raised.
- True

6. Do all arguments have premises?
Yes, a premise is a claim that is offered as a reason for believing another claim.

7. Do all arguments have conclusions?
- Yes, the conclusion is ...view middle of the document...

- True, the more support the premises provides for it conclusion, the stronger the argument.

10. Can a conclusion be implied, or must it always be explicitly stated?
- Yes, it can be implied.

11. Explain the connection between an argument and an issue.
- An argument is an attempt to settle an issue.

12. T or F: “Miller Lite tastes great” is a value judgment.
- True, because a value judgment is a term for a claim that expresses an evaluation of something.
13. Are all value judgments about matters of taste?
- No

14. T or F: All value judgments are equally subjective.
- False

15. T or F: Only claims subject to scientific testing are worth discussing.
- False.

16. T or F: All arguments are used to try to persuade someone of something.
- False, an argument is often the least effective way to persuade someone.
17. T or F: All attempts to persuade someone of something are arguments.
- False.

18. T or F: Whenever a claim is called into question, an issue has been raised.
- True, an issue is a claim called into question.

19. T or F: Moral value judgments might all be true.
- False, a moral judgment expresses a moral or ethical evaluation of something.

20. T or F: Sometimes we transfer a favorable or unfavorable opinion of a speaker to what the speaker says.
- True

21. T or F: Explanations and arguments serve the same purpose.
- False, arguments show that something is, will be, or should be the case. Where an explanation shows why or how something will be.

22. “Therefore” and “consequently” are conclusion indicators.
- Yes they are.

23. T or F: “Rhetorical” or “emotive force” refers to the emotional content or associations of a word or phrase.
-True, Rhetoric is language that has a psychological force but comes no extra weight.

24. T or F: The rhetorical force of language can get in the way of clear and critical thinking.

25. T or F: We should not try to put our own position on any issue in the most favorable light.
- False.

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