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Demonstrative Communication
Everyday people communicate in many millions of different ways, via email, text, face-to-face, verbally or non-verbally. Demonstrative communication is a paramount way for a sender to express their thoughts and emotions to the receiver. Ensuring that the message you are trying to convey is understood by the receiver is the essence of good communication. Demonstrative communications involve both verbal and non-verbal communication skills and are the basic way humans interact with each other. Developing excellent communication skills is the key to success for both personal and professional relationships.
Effectiveness of Demonstrative Communication
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Positive and Negative Characteristics
Positive demonstrative communication can have many positive associated effects, whereas negative demonstrative communication can have quite the opposite effect. Everyone has heard the saying “actions speak louder than words” however in the case of demonstrative communication, this is precisely the point.
In demonstrative communication a message relayed through body language, a smile, tone of voice or eye contact can convey a range of emotions, and thoughts of the receiver or sender, regardless of the verbal communication being used.
Positive characteristics of non-verbal communication can include nodding the head in agreement with the speaker, smiling when speaking or listening, sitting with open posture (i.e. legs uncrossed, leaning in, etc.), ("Nonverbal Communication," n.d.).
Negative characteristics may include a solemn tone of voice, crossed arms, sleeping on your desk, facing away from the speaker, refusing a hand shake, or even pretending you don’t hear the speaker.
The Role of the Sender and Receiver
In any demonstrative communication situation the roles of the sender and receiver are equally as important. The sender’s responsibility is to ensure the message sent out is encoded correctly in a way that the receiver will understand, and it is also their responsibility to receive verbal and non-verbal cues from the receiver to ensure the message has been relayed properly.
The role of the receiver is to then decode the message, and according to Cheesebro, O’Connor, and Rios (2010), “the receiver’s response to the message and indicates how the message was seen, heard and understood and often how the receiver feels about the message.” The receiver may often use both verbal and non-verbal cues during this process to relay understanding of the message.
The Role of Listening and Responding
Listening and providing feedback is most likely the most crucial part of the communication process. Listening and ensuring you have received the message correctly, and then providing feedback is the way communication becomes an interactive experience.
As a receiver one must concentrate on the message being sent, and a best practice is to repeat back to the sender their message, so they will know it has been relayed and received correctly, before providing...

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