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1. When defining the project what factors need to be considered and agreed on?
Agree on:
* Agree on precise specification for the project
* Describe purpose, aim and deliverables
* Agree on people involved and the way the team will work ( frequency of meetings, decision-making process)
* Plan the project- time, team roles, activities, resources, financials,
* Communicate the project plan to your project team
* Agree and delegate project actions
* Agree on parameters (timescale, budget, range, scope, territory, authority)
* Establish ‘break-points’ at ...view middle of the document...

Project managers require the ability to manage financial and other resources. Why is this important and how does it impact on risk management requirements?

* A final project cost to be accurately determined
* Tracking of all the project stages
* Comparison of expectations with outcomes
* Analysis of variance
* Detailed information that can be used for future projects
* Project costs can be accurately included in the organisations financial statements for the period

4. Well organised project team meetings, are an effective medium for information exchange and for developing good working relationships between team members. Explain how you can ensure that meetings are effective- not time waters- and how often meetings should be held.

To ensure that meetings are effective and not time wasters you can firstly make sure that the meeting doesn’t go any longer than an hour, because people loss concentration after an hour, showing lack of interest, decision making abilities will decrease, the importance of the issues will be lost in frustration. Few things you can do to make sure not wasting time effective time during the meeting can include of:
* Have an agenda
* Plan the meeting for example- Why you want the meeting
* Address specific items
* Allocate time for each item
* Put all irrelevant items in the parking lot for at a later time like at the end of meeting or dependant on question after the meeting.
Project meetings are held as often as they need to be according to the project type/size can be (daily, weekly, and fortnightly, monthly, yearly), or when any of the following occur:
* When you feel staff have something’s to discuss
* Need to readdress organisation goals and objectives
* If new procedures/processes are implemented
* Any...

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