Assessment Of Volunteers Performance Of Cyclone Preparedness Programme From Community Point Of View

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The country is one of the worst sufferers of all cyclonic casualties in the world. Its geographic location is the biggest contributing factor for the proneness to disasters. Due to the funnel shaped coast, Bangladesh often becomes the landing ground and breeding place of catastrophic cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal. The high number of casualties is due to the fact that cyclones are always associated with storm surges. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society Cyclone Preparedness Program (CPP) is being a joint venture with the Government of Bangladesh, The CPP is an organic component of the nation’s institutional early warning system as clearly defined in the “Standing Order on Disasters”. ...view middle of the document...

From 1960 to 2002, a total of 173 depressions have been formed, out of which 66 major cyclonic storms and tidal surges have hit the Bangladesh coast. The propensity and extent of disasters has increased due to the effects of the climate change. After the devastating cyclone of 1970 that perished half a million lives, the League of Red Cross, now the International Federation was requested by the UN general assembly to undertake a leading role in pre-disaster planning for the country. The Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) came into being in 1972. In June 1973, the Government of Bangladesh approved this new CPP programme and undertook the financial responsibility for some of the recurring expenses and setup a joint programme management mechanism. These programs disseminates cyclone early warning messages through volunteers to the most at risk villages and assist especially the weakest members of communities to seek refuge in cyclone shelters. This programme based on the voluntary service of community people and their technical skills and commitment to ensure sufficient warning, shelter management, search & rescue and first aid services enabling them to cope with the approaching cyclone. This study has been carried out to find the communities perspective about the volunteers performance in time of disaster event. For clear understanding the paper divided into two parts. Part A describes background and system how the program is working and volunteers role on it and second part assess the volunteer’s activities.

16 u Journal of South Asia Disaster Studies

The idea of CPP started in 1965 when the National Society requested the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) formerly the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to support the establishment of warning system for the population living in the coastal belt. In 1966, the International Federation and Swedish Red Cross began the implementation of a pilot scheme for Cyclone Preparedness which consisted of warning equipments and was operational in 299 locations. In response to 1970’s request of the United Nations General Assembly a new strategy of Cyclone Preparedness Programme was developed in 1972 and as a result in 1973, CPP evolved as a joint venture programme of BDRCS and Ministry of Food and Disaster Management of the Government of Bangladesh. The Cyclone Preparedness Programme disseminates cyclone early warning messages through its extensive radio network (130 stations) to districts along the coastal belt. Approximately 42,000 volunteers deliver the messages to most at risk villages and assist especially the weakest members of communities to seek refuge in cyclone shelters. In total there are different governmental & non-governmental organizations have constructed about 2,852 (DMB, 2010) cyclone shelters in the coastal belts of 16 Districts of the country. Out of 2,852 shelters, investigation reveals that...

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