Assessment Of Teaching Methods And Strategies

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TASK: Assess four teaching methods and strategies used in your school and discus innovations that should take place to make them more effective and learner centred.

The biggest challenge before a teacher is the presentation of a lesson. If a lesson presentation is effective, students can reach the goals of life by acquisition of knowledge; and if the teacher is unsuccessful in his presentation, it is impossible to achieve the educational objectives. The method of teaching is directly related to the presentation of the lesson. The method of teaching depends on the nature of the subject, and the tact of the teacher. This essay is aimed at ...view middle of the document...

Among the many teaching strategies; this essay will assess and discuss: The demonstration, discussion, brainstorming and role-playing methods. These methods can in certain situations be used very effectively by skilled teacher of today, but it would be short-sighted to try to use them all the time. Nacino-Brown et al (1982: 39)
Nacino-Brown et al (1982) describes a demonstration as an audio-visual explanation, emphasizing the important points of a product, a process or idea. It is actually an activity which combines telling, showing and doing for the benefit of the audience, be it a person or a group of persons. In teaching, the demonstration is generally used as a method but it is also in relation to other approaches to teaching known as a special technique. The teacher shows all the activities given in the lesson to the students as an action and explains the important points before them during demonstration.
The teacher in the demonstration follows three steps namely: The teacher introduces the lesson by question answer or lecture method, demonstrates each and every aspects of the lesson and develops it through activities, he makes the student drill of the subject matter for assimilation and then asks evaluative questions and the desired skill is developed through imitation of the action.
In order for the demonstration method to be a success and more learner centred, the teacher should prepare well what and how he has to demonstrate to the class. The demonstration process should be divided into reasonable number of phases and students should be evaluated after every phase. There is also need for students to be given enough time to remove their doubts after the demonstration by the teacher. Afterwards, the students should be asked to repeat the demo as much as possible to enhance learning. Important points should be explained by short lectures during the process of demonstration.
The demonstration method is helpful in teaching skills in training institutions because the lower and middle level of objective cognitive and psychomotor domains can be easily achieved through this method. This method is applicable in teaching science, crafts, arts and agriculture.
Furthermore, a discussion method covers classroom learning activities involving active and cooperative consideration of a problem or topic under study. It is characterised by increased involvement and active participation of members of the class. It is an oral method like question and answer method. Unlike the lecture method where the teacher is dominant, in the discussion method the teacher stays very much in the background. He or she poses the problem, initiates interaction, and allows students to pursue the discussion towards the attainment of a goal. The method is useful for developing skills of evaluation, decision-making, communication and analytical thinking.
Nacino-Brown et al (1982) suggest that discussions should ensure maximum participation if they...

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