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Assessment For Lotus Rental Car's On The Feasibility Of Adding Alternative Fuel Vehicles To The Fleet

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Introduction- What is our paper about?This paper is to contrast the pro's and con's of including alternative fuel vehicles into a fleet of rental vehicles.What are alternative fuels?Alternative fuels are different fuels compared to what we use today as our most common types of fuels. The most common fuels of today are diesel and gasoline. In the past decade, there has been a climbing trend of electric vehicles and research on other types of combustible fuels. All of which, together, are in the minority of fuel consuming vehicles. (As a quick guess, I feel ALL alternative fuel vehicles are 1 to 2% of ALL fuel consuming vehicles. Not man powered like a bicycle. We need to back this up and I ...view middle of the document...

Less to change, not too expensive, about the same volatility as Gasoline.)Fuel cells promise to be the next generation in fuel technology, offering better and more environmentally friendly designs. The best way to describe a fuel cell is as a battery; both create energy via silent electrochemical reactions. A fuel cell doesn't need recharging and can run indefinitely as long as it gets more fuel. Fuel cell technology has be available, international tourism would most likely also be positively effected by a cleaner US environment. As with any large developments or changes in the way the world does business the move to a new technology is never a fast or smooth one and fuel cell technology is no exception. Although fuel cell research has been going on for many years only recently have revolutionary developments occurred which made the likelihood of a fuel cell powered world a possibility.Closing / SummaryAfter analyzing many sources of the types of alternative fuels, we can conclude that each type of fuel has a different market. Most of these fuel types are expensive at this time except for propane and...

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