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Assessment Essay

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Assessment and Treatment of Suzie Haymaker
Toni Hamm
Liberty University
Substance Use Assessment
The purpose of this assessment is to determine what issues Ms. Haymaker has and to provide a treatment plan that will lead to a successful life change.
Demographic and Identifying Information
Name: Suzie Haymaker
DOB/Age: 06/09/1977 37-years-old
Chief Complaint: Mental health and addiction problems
Source of Information
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She stayed for 28 days and was released. She returned two months later for a seven day detox from Xanax.
Ms. Haymaker verified that in the past she had struggled with substance abuse issues but claimed that she began with legally prescribed pain medication from her doctor which eventually led to a full blown addiction to street available drugs. She says that she has been basically clean since 2008 with only a few minor slip-ups but that she was able to recover without help. Ms. Haymaker attributes some of her problems stem from sexual abuse as a child by her stepfather and later being placed “into the system” by her mother when she disclosed what was going on. She remained in placement until she emancipated at the age of 15.
Ms. Haymaker has also been receiving psychiatric medications since she was 12 and is currently still receiving medication. She refuse to elaborate on why she is being treated by a psychiatrist. Recently her children where removed from her home and placed in foster care due to an unsafe environment. Criminal charges where placed against Ms. Haymaker but have since been dismissed.
She denies any current use of alcohol or medication other that what she is prescribed. She was unable to provide a list of her medications, stating that “her wife handles that.”
Summary of Observations and Assessments
Ms. Haymaker was friendly and cooperative throughout interview. Ms. Smith appeared to be somewhat disheveled. She seemed to be disinterested in her grooming needs. At times, she was unable to respond to questions asked of her. Her...

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