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Assessment 2a Essay

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Assignment 2a
Comprehensive Essay Plan with Journal Article SummariesMarch 14, 2014
March 14, 2014

Essay Plan

* Introduction/Purpose of Essay
The purpose of this assignment is to explain why companies use job specialization approach to job design and to use the Job Characteristics model to describe how specialised jobs can be modified to eliminate the boredom and low job satisfaction associated with them. This essay will define, analyse and put forward methodologies that will aid in remedying the issues related to job specialisation.

* Body/Background
1) Define Job Specialisation.
Include quotes and provide examples of ...view middle of the document...

) Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory and Labor-Managed Firms (Advances in the Economic Analysis of Participatory & Labor-Managed Firms, Volume 12), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.3-34 |
Purpose of article | The purpose of this chapter is to offer new justification for multiskilling practices explain why congruency exists between multiskilling and the delegation of decision making and authority to workers. |
Method of data collection and analysis | __________ |
Findings | The “skill substitution effect” analysed within in this chapter concludes with the following three major findings: (1) A workers' own incentives to invest in firm-specific human capital tend to be stronger.(2) The optimal level of task and authority delegation is higher. (3) Firms' profits tends to be higher with multiskilling than with specialization. |
Significance | The implications of this chapter is that multiskilling may be more desirable from a firm's point of view even if there are no technological or informational task complementing each other within its human capital among the combined skills of the available workforce. |
Strengths | It has been well researched with strong background in the literature and exploration of prior research pertaining to the subject. |
Weaknesses | Over use of complicated jargon and a writing style that is unforgiving to those that have no prior knowledge of the subject. |
Quotes | |

Title and Article Reference | Gammelgaard, J, McDonald, F, Tüselmann, H, Dörrenbächer, C & Stephan, A 2011, "Effective autonomy, organisational relationships and skilled jobs in subsidiaries", Management Research Review, Vol. 34 Iss: 4, pp.366 - 385 |
Purpose | The purpose of this paper is to explore as to how the proportion of skilled jobs in subsidiaries is influenced by resource gaps generated by subsidiary development. |
Method of data collection and analysis | This paper developed a range of suggestions that connect the basis of effective autonomy and organisational relationships with subsidiary employment. The propositions expressed in the paper were built on an extensive literature review based on such approaches as the resource-based view, transaction cost economics, network approach, and the institutional theory. |
Findings | The framework developed with in this paper suggests that a higher proportion of employment in skilled jobs in subsidiaries is most likely in the cases where subsidiary entrepreneurship, role specialization, and absorptive capacity are higher. On the other hand, the proportion is likely to be lower in the cases of increased institutional distance from the parent company. |
Significance | With the help of this article it is possible to assess the possible impact of such factors as development of entrepreneurial activities, specialization on skilled jobs. |
Strengths | Detailed, specific and easy to understand. |
Weaknesses | Focuses primarily on the organisation...

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