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Assessment 1 Essay

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Student Name: Amanda
Trainer Name: type name here


1. You can use surveys, such as email surveys, paper surveys and internet surveys. 2. You can use suggestion boxes.3. You could hold focus groups. |

a) Internal customers ☐

b) External customers ☐
Suggestion boxes can generate good ideas from the customers, however they do require maintenance, such as follow-ups in order to make the customers feel valued after they have made their suggestion. The suggestion boxes should be placed in the store where customers have easy access to them
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Number 3: I could hold a focus group with our internal customers to establish where in the chain, the delay is being caused and assess the situation accordingly, by implementing procedures to avoid future delays. |

a) You are a customer service representative at Innovative Widgets. A complaint has come in that a customer’s child has managed to injure themselves with one of our widgets and has been taken to hospital. What action should you take? ☐
The matter must be referred to the Customer Service Manager. You must agree on a time that is convenient for the Customer Service Manager to contact the customer. |
b) In relation to the Customer Complaints Policy, why must you never argue with a customer? ☐
It looks bad, to the customer and anyone who may be in the near vicinity, making your business look bad. Word of mouth: If you argue with a customer, they will tell people they know, that your business isn’t good. It goes against the businesses policies and procedures. It is almost a waste of time because it’s a waste of time as arguing will not get yu anywhere. |

1. Asking questions: By asking questions, it will show that you are trying to engage with the person you are talking to. Try to build a strong relationship by...

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