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Assess The Views That The Family Allows Men To Control And Oppress Women?(20 Marks)

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Assess the views that the family allows men to control and oppress women?(20 marks)
Feminism is what culture is like for women just because they are women compared to what life is like for men. In society women get treated differently to men as men are seen as more superior, however this only happens in some cultures and these cultures are prejudice towards women. There are 4 key theories that I will talk about in this essay, they all argue different beliefs about feminism and how the family allows men to control and oppress women.
Firstly, Radical feminism, they believe that a patriarchal society is the cause of conflict. They also promote lesbianism and separatism. Theorists like Rich, ...view middle of the document...

They highlight the role of power in the private sphere, men take out their stress on women, this shows that they theory condones domestic violence. Theorists such as Benson support this theory as they said that capitalism benefits from a large army of women- an unpaid work force that are compliant and willing to do as they’re told as women have been socialised to act that way. This shows that women are a huge benefit to capitalism and they play a big role in keeping things running smoothly. The theory does promote domestic violence as a theorist Fran Ansley said that the function of a wife is to be an emotional safety-value absorbing the husband’s frustrations. This theory shows that women work with/for men to keep the capital running; they should be the ones who men can take their stress out on when they come home from work. If the man has no stress they will work better meaning the capital will run smoothly. Limitations of this theory are that it places a lot of emphasis on a nuclear family, this ignores family diversity. It doesn’t explain how women are subordinated in a non-capitalistic society. It also does not fully explain what women’s position is, for example; why are women the reserve army of labour not men? So, this theory does suggest that women do play an important part in society however they are still seen to be oppressed by men.
Thirdly, Liberal feminism, they are a theory that are optimistic there will be equality in the future. They believe that laws will help change attitudes over time and women will stop being controlled and oppressed by women. A theorist, Ann Oakley believes that even though biology is fixed, gender roles can change, she also believes that parents need to stop stereotyping as this could be the main cause of feminism. This theory shows that women are able to keep the same equality as men through their own actions and choices. All women want the same opportunities as men and should have equal chances and rights. A limitation of this is that equality in law does not always make us equal. Men still earn more than women despite the Equal Pay Act. This shows that even though laws are put in place about equality, people are still so stuck in their ways that they will still continue to treat men and women differently and unfairly. This theory suggests that men do oppress...

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