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Assess The View That It No Longer Makes Sense To Talk About The Patriarchal Family

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Assess the view that it is no longer important to talk about the patriarchal society today (24 marks)
In the 19th century (or even a century before) society was deemed upon as a patriarchal dominance. (Male dominating society). Where husband/father would work and provide money for the family, whereas the wife/mother was seen as the nurturer or carer for everyone; especially for the children. Also doing domestic chores. However it is now possible to state, in the 21st century the roles have switched and women have become more independent in terms of finance; more women orientated, and more men as househusbands.
The functionalist view of talking about the patriarchal family today is ...view middle of the document...

She also believed that women were actually excluded from the workforce. As male were the actual 'sole breadwinners' this would results into women's economic dependence. Even Boulton (1993) contradicted Willmott and Young's theory as he believed it is the person who is responsible for all the work and chores that they do, not someone who just performs them. He assessed that women are the main responsibility of this, as when the husband went out to work they would look after the children and would be responsible for the children's welfare. Whereas 1 in 5 men would not participate; and hardly took part in childcare.
Bott (1957) talked about the march of progress view. From here he underlined segregated conjugal roles and joint conjugal roles. Segregated conjugal roles, shows a division between male breadwinner and female house maker. And shows how they spent their leisure time separately; however some families had joint conjugal roles; where they both shared the same role and accompanied each other with leisure time. However Wilmot and Young found that leisure time with working family in class (1950) was spent differently as the man would be the breadwinner and the female the housewife and they would use their leisure time separately. The husband would spend it with his workmates; whilst the housewife would be accompanied with other females/housewife.

Violence by men against their wives was apparently widespread and divorce was granted more readily to men then their wives. This explores how women felt oppressed of how their husbands did not show any affection to them or their...

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