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Assess The View That, For Minority Ethnic Groups, The Practice Of Religion And Membership Of Religious Groups Is Mainly A Form Of Culture Defence

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Admittedly when I was younger I hadn’t planned on studying media and sociology at university, my dreams went along the lines of stardom with world domination ensue. However in the summer of 2012 I participated on the Challenge which allowed me to work on a project where I created a documentary to keep the community center of Rostwarg from being shut down and running as the heart of its community. The project opened a whole new world to me; I'd always been somewhat aware of the the power of the media but the project allowed me to experience it first hand. It gave me a chance to make a contribution in a way I wouldn’t initially have thought of. The challenge also brought a new sense of leadership and intuitiveness within me. Ultimately the experience helped me make the decision to study media for my A levels, ...view middle of the document...

So again the question remains- who is the media befitting? And what other discourses and institutions are being debated? Consequently I now have real a grasp of the power the media has as an institution for influence and change. Although I havent chosen to continue film into higher education, it is still a valued subject which has taught me to be both critical when writing and independent when its comes to carrying out projects I enjoy.
As times progresses it is becoming increasingly apparent that the media as an instituition is becoming increasingly prominent and influencial. It can be easily said that the media is becoming a main form of todays generations socialisation, with messages and news on crime, education, culture and politics being constantly delivered to us.

Media is universal and sociology will allow me to have a firm grasp of its power. I look forward to not just studying the two in university but using them to break through and make a change in society itself. And maybe if im lucky I can pursue world dominantion in my frree time.

what use is learning something if you cant apply it to everday life?

And though I'll be studying media and sociology at unuversity, whats to say I cant I cant use what I learn on the course to change the world into something iw ant. World domination doesnt sound too far fetched now does it?

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