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Assess The Influence Of Military And Industrial Manufacturers And Secret Service Organisations

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The military industrial manufactures and secret service organisations played pivotal roles in the Cold War as they worked to encourage the continuation of the cold war. Both influenced the Cold War by by maintaining an atmosphere of tension, uncertainty, and suspicion between the superpowers for the duration of the Cold War.This can be seen through the actions of the secret services for each superpower; the KGB (USSR), and CIA (USA). It was due to their activities which allowed for the continuation of the Cold War, and the Cold War remaining Cold. Each secret service organization used spies on one another to gather intelligence. Intelligence refers to information gathered secretly on an ...view middle of the document...

This caused major international embarrassment for the US. It made existing tensions between the superpowers worsen as one was forced to admit to spying on the other.The KGB's most useful double agent was Kim Philby, who was head of the British intelligence agency (M1-6), and liaison officer between the US and British secret intelligence services. Although the CIA used counter-espionage, their spying was characterized by covert operations. Such operations influenced the Cold War immensely, as it was these tactics that were emplyed to attempt to overthrow pro-USSR governments. This can be seen in the Cuban 'Bay of Pigs' invasion.In 1961, the CIA unleashed a force of 1300 Anti-communist ex-pats. They were secretly trained and equipped to invade Cuba by the CIA and overthrow the newly established Communist regime led by Fidel Castro. The covert operation was a disaster and led yet again to expose the works of the CIA in the Cold War. It served to highlight the influence of secret service operations in the Cold War, as East-West relations turned severely bitter following the failed coup-attempt.Secret service organizations further played an important part in the Cold War's competition over the third world countries. In this context, third world refers to the ¾ of the world, following World War Two, who did not align themselves with either Capitalist West or Communist East. They were also very poor. Both superpowers knew that Communism was more appealing to governments in poverty-stricken countries. As a result, the KGB & CIA were the means by which each side competed to win over third world governments. This was done in order to gain more allies and make each side stronger.An example of this is the Soviet Union's assistance in Chile, Latin America. They funded the election campaign of Salvador Allende, the Communist Party Presidential candidate. This was done through disseminating propaganda, in which they claimed there was a CIA conspiracy preventing Allende and the Communists being installed in power. The propaganda proved effective, and Allende won the election by a large margin.Behind these operations is a force encouraging each act of...

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