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Andrew Jackson’s historical legacy is one covered with controversy, with historians and others taking the position of either high praise, or high negativity with no medium - people either like him or loathe him, there’s no in-between. Following Jackson’s death in 1845, he has acquired several accolades that could be used to determine whether he had an impact on history during his presidencies. Firstly, he appears on the $20 bill, one of only a few influential historical figures who have also made it on the American currency - the fact that he shares such an exclusive position alongside the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, all indisputably influential and ...view middle of the document...

Jackson implemented this so that more people could serve their government and to remove federal employees he considered to be political opponents and replace them with his own supporters. Fish supported this policy “The spoils system paid for the party organization…which established a ‘party of the people’ in the United States in 1829” and in so doing “it served a purpose that could probably have been performed in no other way, and that was fully worth the cost” from this it can be said that Fish thought that the civil service had needed some ventilation in 1829, and that the irresistible pressures for the spoils system must have triumphed regardless of who was president. Another impact he had on the role of the president was his use of direct power. He had a central role in decisions on policies and used his presidential veto more times than all the previous presidents combined, showing that he was not afraid to stand up to the wealthy and powerful Washington politicians who often drew up policies detrimental to those of humble and poorer origins, such as Jackson.
Perhaps Jackson’s greatest success as President was his deft political skill during the Nullification Crisis. The Nullification Crisis threatened to tear the union apart. The crisis was the passage of the Nullification Ordinances by the South Carolina State Assembly in November 1832. The unity and survival of the nation depended upon Jackson's response. On December 10, 1832, President Jackson presented his response to the Congress, arguing that the justification for state nullification of federal laws was misguided, unconstitutional, and treasonous to the country. Jackson began his proclamation by outlining the reasons and reservations that led South Carolina to pass the ordinance; their major concerns were the tariffs of May 29, 1828 and June 14, 1832. South Carolina believed these measures were unfair and didn't fall within the constitutional power of Congress to raise revenue; they proclaimed the laws null and void and threatened succession.President’s Jackson's speech came at a crucial time during his presidency; he had just been elected to a second term, but already his popular and political support was flagging. But, according to historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., Jackson's handling of the nullification crisis and his resolve to ensure the survival of the union, both evident in the December speech, gained him temporary "popular acclaim," making him the "country's hero." Jackson, a shrewd politician, turned his new popularity into a political weapon to further the other policies of his administration, most notably his war against the Bank of the United States. Jackson's speech and eventual handling of the nullification crisis were viewed, by the majority of the nation, as the actions of a strong leader dedicated to the nation and its survival; he used this renewed trust to further the political goals of his presidency.
Whilst there were positive aspects of Jackson’s...

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