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Assess The Causes And Consequences Of Coastal Flooding

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Using a case- study, assess the causes and consequences of coastal flooding. 15 marks
Coastal floods occur primarily due to physical causes. A depression can produce low pressure conditions which pull water particles up, giving to a rise in sea level. Similarly strong winds can occur due to change in meteorological conditions which can also rise the sea level. At this point the sea level is much higher than a normal spring tide, and this is called a storm surge. However many human causes, particularly the lack of preparation and costal defences, can lead to lead to any storm surge having a much larger impact on local communities near the coastline.
The North Sea storm surge occurred in ...view middle of the document...

Local radio stations were only on air during the day, so by the time the messages had come through from the larger stations about the impending waves, it was too late. Large amounts of flooding had occurred and many local radio stations already damaged so no further warnings could be given to local people. Also insufficient sea defences in both Britain and the Netherlands let to know defence against the incoming waves. However many argue that the technology needed to help predict these storms was not available until recently. For example, anemometers, which measure wind speeds could only accurately depict the direction of wind blowing in 1991, 38 years after the storm surge.
These physical and human causes led to huge disastrous consequences for Britain and the Netherlands. These consequences were economic, social and physical. In England 16000 acres of land were ruined and in the Netherlands thousands of hectares flooded. However the effect goes beyond the physical flooding of the land. This destroyed the livelihood of many farmers, as their animals would have drowned and crops been destroyed. This is a farmer’s only income, and would leave him with virtually no income. Additionally it would leave many local supermarkets and...

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