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Assess Sociological Explanations For The Relationship Between Gender And Religious Practice And Participation. 33 Marks

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Many sociologists have different opinions and interpretations on gender and religious participation. Marxist Feminists would argue that religion is oppressing but is seen as patriarchal rather than a capitalistic. Armstrong argues that religion is still largely male dominated even though women participate more than men (57% of those attending a main church or denomination in 2005 were women). She argues this is shows women becoming marginalised, for example orthodox Jews forbid women priests. However Wright argues that Judaism has allowed women to become Rabbis since 1972. Armstrong also argues that women weren’t always depicted as lower than men in sacred texts. Although in Islam women will ...view middle of the document...

However, Puttick argues that being born a women is seen as a punishment. This is due to women being oppressed by the religions they are a part of and the only solution is to become a submissive wife. Therefore why are women seen to be more religious than men? Sherry Ortner argues that women are more religious due to being closer to nature. She argues that women become more spiritual and expressive due to this close relationship, leading them to participate more within religion. However, she argues religion is still male dominated with mainly male clergy due to men being the creators of society and women being the creators of the future generation. Davie also argues a similar thing by saying women have a closer relationship to life and death, through things such as child rearing. Therefore being biologically predisposed to believing in a God. In addition to this Ortner suggests this is why women are more likely to get involved with New Age Movements such as astrology.

New Age Movements, New Religious Movements and Sects all have more women than men. According to Woodhead 80% of holistic milieu Kendal are women, showing that more women believe in a God and participate within religious activities. Some feminists argue that women are more religious because they are socialised to be more passive, obedient and caring. That is why you will often see women arranging flowers or making tea and coffee in churches. However Bruce argues women are becoming more involved with NAMs because...

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