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Assess How Branding Has Increased In The Last Few Decades. Think Of A Brand; Analyze How The Organization Developed Its Brand Equity. Assess The Influence Of Branding On An Organization’s Imc. Must Use Two Scholarly Sources

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Today, our life is extremely changing. First of all, it concerns us in the sphere of economy, as we are economic agents. In varying degree, we are able to buy or sell goods. It is a modern global economic model. Due to explosive, to some extent volatile, growth and development of economic system, in the arena has appeared a new player – multinational corporations. The nature of such companies is an international activity. This is a globalization in a pure form.
Brand Equity Evaluation System (BEES) is based on eight brand equity determinants – brand sales, net operating margin, perspectives of brand development, international orientation, advertising investment, brand strength in the ...view middle of the document...

These companies offer merchandise that we would hardly ever buy if not special goodwill of this company, marketing tricks in malls, never-ending promotion in every place. But the most ingenious trick is to construct intentions of consumers. Brand seeking is real up-to-date disease. In turn, MNC (as the key player in the market) has an exceptional advantage to offer goods and services speculating on it. It is a classic struggle and unity of opposites.
Duncan stated in Marketing that IMC is: “The strategic coordination of all messages and media used by an organization to collectively influence its perceived brand value”, in the broad sense (Keegan, Moriarty, & Duncan, 1992, p.631).
According to Don Schultz and his colleagues in Northwestern University, IMC takes into consideration such aspects of communication process as providing full information about products, services by means of marketing promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, packaging and labeling (“all sources of information”) and other techniques and approaches...

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