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Assesments Essay

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Completing the assessments on my organizational orientations allowed me to view and reflect on my current stage of life. I scored the highest in the Upward Mobile orientation which may cause others to perceive me as a committed individual who receives great pleasure from work. I would be perceived as a hard worker and someone who is on their way to the top of an organization. Colleges might assume the best way to communicate with me is to converse about anything and everything that has to do with work and/or the organization. This could be a successful way to communicate with me; however, I believe I am able to communicate beyond work and/or organization topics of conversations. If my superiors viewed my scores they may assign me high levels of responsibility with the understanding they are ...view middle of the document...

Reflecting on these scores I can understand and can agree with my scores. I started working at the age of fourteen and was raised to work hard in everything I do, no matter the circumstances. Till this day I still believe in the same morals and I continue to work hard and take pride in my work and reputation at any organization. My salary reflects the amount of work and pride I put fourth for an organization.. Every organization I have worked for I have moved up the latter from entry level to lower management. I have returned to school because I have realized the competition out in the job market today has decreased my chances of reaching upper management. To continue climbing the ladder of success a college degree is necessary in this day and age. Once I obtain my degree I believe I will be able to reach the salary and career level I am interested in obtaining

After the lecture last week and hearing the professor explain the characteristics for each orientation I automatically assumed I would have scored higher in the Indifferent Orientation. I am a mother of three school aged children and my children are my world. I make my family a priority; I have no problem putting my family before work. I schedule my family activities around my work life and refuse for a job to come before my children. I have even turned down a promotion a few years back to take a job closer to home; this decision was based on my family and not money. It is possible because of my current stage of life I know how to balance the important things that matter in my life, career and family. I did not score particular high in any of the organization orientations. This leads me to believe that I am more of combination of Upward Mobile and Indifferent. I possess more characteristics of an Upward mobile and Indifferent, which can benefit my growth and abilities as a mom and a career woman.

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