Assesment And Evaluation Alignment Assignment

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Assessment and Evaluation: Alignment Assignment

Course Description:

This course is designed to help newly hired front-line banking representatives learn the basics of client interaction, including transactional processing, handling client inquiries and concerns, and leveraging trigger events as well as open-ended questions to identify advice opportunities.

The learning is delivered in a blended online/in-classroom/in-branch environment with hands-on practice opportunities gained through virtual modules, role-playing with colleagues, and direct client interactions in branch.

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Task the entire learner group with providing feedback on the comparison chart, suggesting for additions, deletions, clarifications etc.


Both the learning and assessment activity are in a continuity of allowing the entire group to contribute to feature discovery and outlining. The aim is to have students grapple with the features and pricing of products first hand, utilizing brochures, internal and public sites to discover as much information as possible about each product.

Learning Objective

To locate and access Tools and Resources that facilitate transaction processing and client inquiry handling.

Level of Blooms Taxonomy


Teaching Technique

Case Scenarios: Outline a number of case scenarios. For the first few demonstrate how the tools to access client account history and procedural information are located, accessed and utilized. Involve the students for the last few case scenarios to suggest tools to use and ways to access

Assessment/Evaluation Method (and Description)

Small Group Demonstration: Each student is assigned a client case scenario, and using screen-share technology demonstrates to the group how they’ll navigate to the tools and resources they’ll require to address the client scenario presented to them.


The aim here is to provide hands-on practice not only on how to locate and access the various support and inquiry tools available, but make learners aware on how to decide which tools are best utilized for particular queries. The demonstration aspect ensures that while not all students are exposed to each client scenario first hand, they at least have the opportunity to see their peers in action deal with each client scenario first-hand.

Learning Objective

To understand and apply Client-First Principles while handling and resolving client concerns.

Level of Blooms Taxonomy


Teaching Technique

Utilize Client Service media examples from the retail/hospitality sectors to introduce/model expected mindset when dealing with clients. Have learners review Principles of Client Service document in groups and discuss how each principle ties back to the examples in the media presentation, as well as how the approach may differ in a banking vs retail environment.

Assessment/Evaluation Method (and Description)...

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