Asian American Community Organization Essay

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Asian American Community Organization: Annotated Bibliography

Chan, Sucheng. “Asian Americans: An Interpretive History” The Social Organization of Asian Immigrant Communities. (1991): 63-78. Print.
With many exclusionary laws that hindered the arrival of Asian immigrants to the United States, the Chinese immigrants that were already here needed to learn how to survive amongst themselves. The ability to form associations enabled Asians to carve a place for themselves in a host society that did not welcome them. (Chan 63) By forming these social organization, they allowed Asian immigrant to feel they have a common place where they are welcomed and be provided assistance if ...view middle of the document...

(Singh 40) Incident such as the Komagata Maru affair made it hard for overseas Indian to return home, and British government eventually captured the few that did. The revolution did not turn out as planned but the appeal and influence of the Gadar Party was unprecedented at this time. The positive outcome of this movement was that it proved a group of minority was capable of gathering a revolution when they feel their homeland is being oppressed. It will be interesting to see how revolutionaries like the Gadar Party, who were much concerned with the politics back in their homeland, have in common with modern day organizations like Committee of 100.
Murayama, Milton. All I Asking for is My Body. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1994. Print
This book finely illustrates the generational differences between the Issei and the Nisei. The main character, Tosh, and his siblings grew up in a Hawaii sugar plantation and lived an American way of life. Because of Japanese tradition, Tosh was bounded by filial piety and had to inherit the family debt. Tosh often rebelled against his parents to break free of tradition and long for the day of returning to school. His younger brother, Kiyoshi also feel the same way but he is more filial of their parent’s traditional outlook on life decision. This book introduced many aspects of generational difference and also detailed the life of Hawaii sugar plantation. It will be interesting to see how generational conflict today compare to the 1940s.
Umemoto, Karen. “On Strike!: San Francisco State College Strike, 1968 - 1969: The Role of Asian American Studies”. Contemporary Asian America: A Multidisciplinary Reader (2nd edition) Zhou, Min and Gatewood, J.V. (New York: New York...

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