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Why Asian Americans are facing unfair treatment from U.S society?
Xuchen Cheng
The Ohio State University

Why Asian Americans are facing unfair treatment from U.S society?

The term, hyphenated American, is initially used to disparage people who came from a foreign region but were born in America. Asian Americans, which occupy about 4.8% of US population (Wikipedia), are often defined as those Americans who emigrated from Far East, such as China, India. In recent years, it has become common to see Asian American typically as technicians in U.S advertisements and this trend leads to a controversy of Asian American’s stereotype and portray among U.S society. It is not fair to Asian ...view middle of the document...

Paul, 2011, p14). In the research Product Category, Cohen (1992) stated an association between Asian American stereotypes and the product category being advertised. She predicted that consumers are willing to respond more actively to Asian Americans in advertisement for technical product, such as stereo speak, while more passively or neutrally to Asian Americans in advertisements for nontechnical categories, such as food. Finally, she confirmed her prediction in an experiment that assesses the reaction of 208 subjects to those advertisements in which have the different race group but the same product. All in all, since Americans have lots of access to all forms of advertisements, the trend that more appearance of Asian Americans in ads for technical products would mislead to an unfair one-dimensional depiction – of Asian Americans as technically proficient, but nothing more.

The fact is opposite. Asian Americans are versatile and should be treated as the same as all-American people rather than be defined as a group with single feature. Moreover, every American should know how to help each other overcome disasters rather than categorize people into different groups based on their race and discriminate to them. Especially, Asian Americans are sometimes reviewed as odd and antipathetic group existing among American society due to lack of their culture background information and misleading from mass media. A good example for argument is the book, American Born Chinese, which is not one of those prejudiced works. It depicts a tale of three different characters – Chinese-American Jin Wang, Taiwanese Wei-Chen and all-American boy Danny– about how they can possibly help each other. “They are going to have to find a way–if they want fix the disasters their lives have become.” (Y.Gene, 2006, cover page) The picture above is the figure that appeared in the book as Danny’s obnoxious Chinese cousin, called Chin-Kee. The words here are not standard English. Obviously, the author did this on purpose in order to indicate that people who are not all–Americans always are disparaged due to their accent. Additionally, the figure itself is controversial. Chin-Kee has a really long hair, which is abnormal, wearing in an ancient fashion shirt. From my perspective, this is related to Orientalist perceptions, on which many of offensive and stereotypical caricatures were based, that Asians and Asian Americans are depicted as exotic, mysterious, dangerous, inferior, and hypersexual. The author, Gene Luen Yang, conveys a message through the book that hyphenated Americans should not be separated and discriminated from all-Americans. Instead, they should learn how to help each other because there will be catastrophic situations where you cannot fix the disasters on their owns. In this case, Asian American should not be regarded as different Americans due to the “hyphen”.

The reason why the “hyphen” associated with Asian Americans should be removed is simple. It is...

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