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Ashraf Silk And General Mills Essay

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In October 2002, after a recent departure of two trainee employees, problems in human resourcing were re-asserted. The current events in the organization were not adequate to sustain the workers and hence not ensuring an organizational behavior leading to substantial success. My paper will be consisting of two parts. In the first part, I will be weighing the existing conditions & their repercussions. The first part will be highlighting three crucial aspects. While in the second part I will be formulating a transformation in the organizational strategy assisting to resolute the contemporary problems.
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They didn’t benefited out of it either but they didn’t anyone else take the benefit too.
The organization had been keen on investing as per the technological advancements ensuring that they have state of the art machinery to have the cutting edge upon their competition. They have made the shift from hand looms to power looms and finally to automatic looms during their years of operations. Furthermore they have closely monitored the customers demand, whether it is velvet, shaneel or an innovative third texture, they have successfully adapted their product mix accordingly. This was the paramount reason for the success ASGM has achieved till now.
ASGM Cultural torpor
The people that work at ASGM have a laid back culture toward their core responsibilities. They are not heartily committed to achieve their goals as they prefer unscheduled breaks or personal tasks over downtimes, waste and compromised operational parameters. Insecurity is perceived in their reluctance to train new labor effectively.
The work force has a dismal mindset toward work. The labor is resistive to change. Even with the ease of operations infused in the equipment they resisted them instead of obtaining the skills as they feared unemployment due to redundancy in their skills. They are not inspired to creatively adopt practices other than custom practice of one worker to handle two machines to achieve organizational benefit by duplicate the workforce to machines ration as per international standards.
Human resourcing at ASGM and how it is influenced by external factors
Human resourcing as a process of hiring and developing employees with a purpose to make the workers more valuable to the organization is absent. Human Resource Management including, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance and resolving disputes is non existing or vague.
The Human resource at ASGM is a man dependant system depending on Feroze Shahid who relies on situational decisions instead of policy making and has not been able to develop a comparative advantage over the competition. This was observed in the decision in which pay raise was given to Ghulam Rasool but was denied to Najib and Amjad. For weavers ASGM was just another company who had to offer similar pays and similar advantages.
No step was taken to improve living of employee. Hence employee turnover is 50% due to the lesser pay being offered at ASGM. Pay value w.r.t. to change in needs of the employees wasn’t catered. This was observed in the increasing trend in the advances as shown in Exhibit 1.
The organization failed at developing the sense of Organizational goals as no road map was made and shared. This was reflected in which workers preferred loyalty to work groups rather than organization. This was also seen as a responsible factor for 30% departures.
Development of new resource is entirely...

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