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Ashley's Home Work Assignment

1040 words - 5 pages

Veterans 2011 Creative Arts Competition
Creative Writing: Personal Experience (Patriotic) category.
Ashley’s Homework Assignment

“Grandpa! Do you think you could help me with my social science assignment?” Ashley politely asked.
“I don’t know, Mi-hita, I’ll try. What’s it about?”
“Well, Grandpa, our teacher gave us an assignment to write a paper, describing what the traits are of an American patriot.”
“Hmm,” I said, at the same time rubbing my chin and trying to think. “Let’s go to the dictionary and see what we find for the meaning of patriot. P-a-t-r. Here we are, ‘Patriot: One who loves, supports, and defends his or her country.’ I can tell you ...view middle of the document...

He thinks about the offer very carefully. Realizing, this could be the answer to his dream. That is becoming a chef at the Waldorf Astoria some day. He realizes what a wonderful opportunity this would be that would dramatically change his life. However, he declines the offer, his heart set on reaching seventeen and enlisting in the service.
“In September of 1947, a week after his seventeenth birthday, he enlists in the U.S. Army Air Force. Before the ink is even dry on his enlistment papers, he finds himself in the newly reorganized United States Air Force and shipped off to boot camp in Texas. Soon after, he finds himself in the Base hospital, recovering from a serious injury. During combat maneuvers, he was hurled into the air land in a dry rocky creek bed, when knocked off a steep incline. All caused by a two-hundred pound overly jubilant opposing team member. The doctors at Lakeland AFB strongly recommend a medical discharge for the injured soldier, but he adamantly rejects the idea, at the same time convincing superiors that he is capable and more than willing to continue in the service of his country and fulfill the terms of his enlistment.
“Next thing you know, he’s En route to his overseas duty assignment, which turned out to be The Famed 449th Night Fighter Squadron, re-activated to the Alaskan Air Command of the Eleventh Air Force on the island of Adak, a Small hunk of rock in the Aleutians. After the usual interview with his commanding officer, It is determined that he will be allowed to continue in his civilian career as cook. Using his culinary skills serving the officers and men of the 449th in their newly appointed family-styled mess hall, dubbed “The - [Tilt’n Hilton on the Rock. With all the ring-of-fire earthquakes and the constant violent williwaws and snowstorms on Adak, the small Quonset complex would soon be...

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