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Ashley Essay

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Poetic Forms Template…. BY: Ashley Wells

You should approach this assignment from the perspective that you are teaching someone how to write the type of poem that you have selected. That means, defining and providing the characteristics of the type of poetry that you have selected as well as an approach to composing.

TYPE: _____Haiku_______The haiku is a Japanese verse in three lines. Line one has 5 syllables, line 2 has 7 syllables and line three has ...view middle of the document...

Of sugar-filed bright flowersPowerful, like home. |
Explanation of How Form Affects Theme:This form affects the theme as we are told that the images of the natural world are usually portrayed in these poems. Therefore, many poems in a haiku form would be of the natural world or explaining the natural world. The poems are very short to grasp a short and sweet kind of writing. These poems are a single feeling, meaning that the author can write about only one topic. The poem by Crosbie Lynn is about the tiger lilies that were received in the sleek black flower cups. We can see that her idea was about the tiger lilies and how they were delivered to her. In my original piece I wrote about a house with many flowers which make it a powerful setting like a home. Many poems have more than one stanza making it many smaller haiku’s in one poem. We can tell by the writing style that these authors are very precise about the words they use as they only have 3 lines to send across a point for the reader to understand clearly. |
With the generous permission of Lou Paonessa and the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

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