As Rita Progresses She Changes Note How Denny Reacts And How She Says Of Herself ‘She’s Gone (Her Former Self) And I’ve Taken Her Place’. As She Says The Course Is ‘Providing Her With Life’, But Ironically It Is Also

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As the statement says, throughout the book the character of Rita changes in many ways, and although it does appear to be progress to some, one could argue she regresses. She develops from Rita: outgoing, individual and ‘a breath of fresh air’ as Frank describes, to ‘Susan’: what one could - without elucidating the matter - express as a ‘typical’ student (a ‘typical’ student being one shaped by the Marxist view on our education system).

With all change comes consequence, and in Educating Rita it comes in the form of heavily effected relationships. Towards the beginning of the book, one sees Rita as being in a controlling relationship with Denny, who is angered by their ineffective attempt ...view middle of the document...

He doesn’t like me doin’ this”). During the era, the act of separation would most probably have come with pressurising social stigmas against Rita (although not highlighted in the book) and represents how truly she craves her education. This may have effected Rita’s relationships with characters outside of the plot as well, as stigmas from the aforementioned event may have set up socialising barriers.

Rita’s transition to ‘Susan’ also has effects on her relationship with Frank. Frank said “I don’t know that I want to teach you. What you have is already valuable.” and that may be because he realises the true beauty of Rita, and that she has many qualities he simply cannot teach: honesty, confidence and the ability to truly express herself without containment. As he teaches her, she starts to gain educational independence from him, and Frank starts to realise the change. She starts to become less dependent on him, and acts in ways she wouldn’t before: Rita sat and discussed Literature with ‘real students’ on the lawn, and that was something that would’ve been alien to her before the Open University course. This is evidence of her growing confidence, yet also her previous self leaving her.

We see Frank snap with "Found a culture, have you, Rita? Found a better song to sing, have you? No--you have found a different song, that's all. And on your lips it's shrill and hollow and tuneless. Oh, Rita, Rita…". This quote shows how Rita’s...

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