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As An Ib Student, How Has Your Learning Of Literature And Science Contributed To Your Understanding Of Individuals And Societies?

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Question 9
Sarah Bollen
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As an IB student, how has your learning of literature and science contributed to your understanding of individuals and societies?

During the last year I have been taught not only in the different ways of knowing but also how to evaluate different types of literature, which has helped me to understand different societies and individuals. In the following I will explain, with the help of the different knowledge issues such as reasoning and science, how it has contributed to my understanding different ways of behavior.

Last summer I read, “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman. It is about a Southeast Asian refugee ...view middle of the document...

Psychology is a form of human science which determines why people act the way they do by researching for different types of individuals and categorizing them. This form of categorizing can be seen in every type of society and after every event that happens. It is necessary, however, is to understand that in those categorized groups there are again individuals. We cannot fully categorize the whole world but to make life easier we have to, as otherwise everything would get out of control.

Through reading, I understood there are many types of people and there is no clear justification as to how to categorize them. There are many reasons why everyone is different. Starting from the sense of perception, it is the active way of perceiving things and everyone has their own taste and feeling. Again psychology is the type of science, which tries to understand how this is possible. There are a lot of limitations in sense of perception as our senses are not completely accurate and that is another reason why everyone is different. Let us take for example a man who is colorblind individual and somebody who is not and show them a picture, which is green. The color blind would be totally convinced that this picture is red while the other one will be convinced that this picture is green. If we ask another person who is not colorblind whether this picture is green they would agree. But are those two people actually right? Do they really see the color green? The obvious answer would be yes but actually they see pigments of color on a sheet. This shows that our sense of perception cannot be trusted and therefore it cannot be prooved if what we read is really true, as our sense of perception can deceive us.

Novels and plays, which I have read over the last year, consist of words, which make up our language. As a none-native English speaker there is a language barrier, which a lot of other people have to overcome in order to really understand what English, speakers want from us. The reason for that is that my vocabulary had to develop to understand my interpretation of texts. Another problem is that language is ambiguous, which means many interpretations are possible. An example is the meaning of the word ‘love’ for a six year old has completely different meaning than to an adult. Consequently, misunderstandings develop and this can also happen while reading.

Many novels get translated. There are three main problems with translating: context, untranslatable words and idioms. Context changes; as the meaning of one word is different from the meaning of the same word in another language. There are also words that are not translatable. For example “Schlimmbesserung”, a German word that means ‘an improvement that actually make things worse’. The third reason why there is a problem with translating is idioms, which are colloquial expressions that have a greater meaning than the words it consists of. To translate...

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