As A New Hr Representative, You Have Been Asked To Facilitate A Session On Attribution Theory To A Group Of Perspective Managers Participating In A Management Development Program. Your Manager Has Asked That You Explain

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Internet & E-Commerce

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A 60 percent of large companies and 30 percent of midsize companies were estimated to make use of the Internet for marketing purposes by the year 2000. In 2003, the first generation of internet users were fresh graduates fast to get the concepts of online commerce and shopping. Major investments in China were also made by international E-commerce companies at that time; escrow systems were made for better trust in buyers and sellers. The hotel industry now face market challenges and business travellers demand more for the Web in terms of information and booking of hotels. The WWW is an electronic technology which is an effective means for marketing hotels and it also develops customer relationship in the long-run. The Internet allows firms to open a Web site in an electronic mall, have their products available to millions of potential customers and only in a short time period. GE, IBM, Ford, Kraft, and Proctor & Gamble were the First to register “domain names”.

Because Internet grew in only five years and there are no barriers for time or location, marketing online has become the new era in E-commerce with petty variable cost per customer. Marketers use full color advertising that appeal similar to both -young and old- to attract people all over the world. The Internet is now considered as a much greater resource than traditional means of advertising: E-mail – use to transfer text and multimedia messages, List serves, latest information sent on specific themes to groups/managers, Newsgroup electronic conferencing leading to the development of ideas, as well as, worldwide networking opportunities, File transfer protocol (FTP) high speed file transfer as a virtual fax, WWW – menu-driven access to host resources, etc. All industries have subject matter experts (SMEs) who are responsible to unify and apply knowledge from different vendors and sources to solve industry problems. To prepare a Web site merging SME knowledge with other reference sources is one of example of Internet model, to retain and attract customers. A well designed Web site can lead to an interesting, low cost means for sales promotion to worldwide customers. Marketers should also refer to the AIDA model-Attention, Interest, Desire and Action- to successfully attract customers by introducing the right advertising on Internet.

Most people worldwide can use the Web since it is affordable and easy to access. Internet is a fast and flexible means for marketing. Shopping on the Internet is convenient as there is no time restriction, it is comfortable since it is in a user friendly environment and there is also an instant satisfaction of ordering, paying and delivering. A one-to-one basis, as well as, a two way communication with customers through the Internet is possible. Enhancing brand image, creating awareness and providing customer service are more important than just selling the products or...

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