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Artificial Life Essay

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1.0 Introduction Artificial life has been an area of extensive scientific research and interest since the 1980's. Artificial life or alife has grown significantly since the invention of the computer. In the past decade alife has become increasingly useful as a tool for solving complex problems and for modeling natural life. There are several different sub fields to alife that will be explained in this paper. When the words "artificial life" are spoken to someone who does not have knowledge in the area thoughts of intelligent robots and smart computers come to mind. These are examples of artificial intelligence, which should not be confused with artificial life. Artificial life occurs only on ...view middle of the document...

" You can also think of life as something that is able to reproduce, adapt to its environment, and able to act independently. This is how the "˜life' in artificial life is defined. Artificial means something that is not of nature, or man made. Combining these two definitions defines alife as something that is made which can adapt to its surroundings and act independently. This is a very general definition that leaves the idea of alife very open. Alife is further defined buy another researcher as, "the name given to a new discipline that studies "natural" life by attempting to recreate biological phenomena from scratch within computers." (Dean) This definition now limits the media in which alife can occur, in computers. This is a key part of being able to distinguish alife from other similar disciplines. It all occurs within a computer.The most important property of alife is that it has emergent properties. "An emergent property is created when something becomes more than the sum of its parts." (Dean) A good example of emergent properties is human life. With only half a human, we would be useless and nothing would ever be accomplished; however, a whole human is capable of complex tasks. This example works because a human in parts does not add up to anything, but as a whole a human can accomplish a lot, thus humans have an emergent property. With these few aspects, alife as a whole (smaller parts of alife can be further defined) can be defined as a man made computer program that is able to adapt to its surroundings, act independently, and has emergent properties.3.0 Disciplines of Artificial Life Artificial life is not just one set thing or idea. In a way artificial life is like the word "sports" because you can define it but you need to learn about some of the different parts to truly understand it. This paper will describe several of the more pertinent parts of artificial life 3.1 Cellular Automata Cellular automata is one of the older disciplines of alife. It is usually considered the most basic form of alife. John von Neumann is the founder of automata. He was the first person to propose a system for creating lifelike results from simple rules. (DEAN) A cellular automata is an array of cells that interact with its surrounding cells. Each individual cell can be in one of a certain number of states. Which state an individual cell is in is determined by the states of the surrounding cells. This sets up a platform for cell interaction. Every cell plays a role in the environment it is in. This is a form of alife because of the simple rules that cause a cell to change states creates a very interesting effect when used with a large number of cells.One of the most famous examples of cellular automata is Conway's game of life. Many people have also heard of it referred to as "life genesis." This game is one of the most basic examples of cellular automata. Even in its simplicity, Conway's game of life has been studied for years and is still a large...

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