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Artificial Insemination Essay

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Artificial Insemination

There are different types of responsibility involved in human reproduction. With modern biomedical technology the question of “who is responsible?” comes up a lot more. Artificial insemination is one of newer forms of technology that involves that question, which includes moral, and social responsibility. In “Artificial Insemination” Munson raises the question not only of who’s responsible but also what responsibilities and rights the sperm donor has and where fatherhood comes into place in that situation. He argues that the responsibilities of the donor are severed from the child produced but has the responsibility of quality, meaning informing the ...view middle of the document...

The court found the manner in which CC was impregnated irrelevant and granted him visitation rights and parental obligations. The use of this case shows that even though artificial insemination was used, the man involved in the planning, who also happened to be the donor, is the moral father.

Munson also states that a man that impregnates a woman though sexual intercourse even if it is not intentional is should take responsibility unlike sperm donors. He says, “The sperm donor does nothing to impregnate the recipient of his sperm. He is not responsible for her becoming pregnant, even though it is his sperm that makes her pregnant”. He believes that when a man engages in intercourse, he knows that there is a possibility that the woman can conceive, and that by that should take on the responsibility of that possibility.

In his article Munson makes his argument clear and uses premises, examples, and analogies to support it well. One analogy constantly referred to though out the article is how a sperm donor is compared to a blood or organ donor. The donor is supplying a product to be used by others in both cases and is not responsible for the use. This analogy is valid because it is true that both types of donors are supplying for others and have nothing to do with what they have donated after that. Munson also makes a good point to say that there is also a difference between the two types donating and how “it is possible the sperm donor may have rights or responsibilities not shared by the blood donor” such as the quality of the sperm since most likely the sperm will be used to produce children. Then he goes on to say that the significant difference between donating blood and donating sperm is that sperm can be “donated” though intercourse where he then switches the comparison of the results of sperm donation to the results of sexual intercourse.

Munson raises the question, which he finds to be counterintuitive and simplistic, to go against his argument “the fact that artificial insemination and intercourse may lead to the same outcome, should we not say that the sperm donor is responsible for the child conceived from his sperm?”. He states good issues such as the donor does not have the intention of making a woman pregnant or becoming a father, and that men who have sex do not necessarily have the intention of impregnating women either. That argument makes sense and equals the two actions, but is not how people would realistically look at the situation. Therefore, Munson says that men having sex with a woman most likely knows that there is a possibility that she will get pregnant and that a sperm donor does not know whether or not his sperm will defiantly be used for pregnancy, or for something else like research. Then again he goes back to argue against that and says that the sperm donor does know that there is a probability that his sperm will be used for pregnancy so that puts...

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