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Artifacts Essay

440 words - 2 pages

Amber Kirksey
Instructor: Daniela Liese

Did you know that Artifacts are personal objects that we use to announce our identities and heritage and to personalize our environments? I utilize artifacts at an interview to make the best impression. I wear pressed, conservative clothes and minimize my jewelry; I also carry a notepad for taking notes to show my interest.
I wear pressed conservative clothes because it shows a sign of good appearance and good hygiene. Wearing such clothing also shows your attitude toward the job interview. Appropriate attire supports your image as a person who takes the ...view middle of the document...

Too much jewelry can give the interviewee a negative impression. In choosing your jewelry you should select jewelry that is not too big, not to colorful and not too long. Examples of jewelry that you should not wear to an interview would be large hoop earrings that could possibly fit on your wrist, long necklaces that hang down past your belly and multiple bracelets that click clack every time you move your arm. Upon attending an interview I would wear medium diamond studs or small quarter sized hoops, a necklace that hangs to my upper chest and has a small charm and one bracelet.
Last of all it is good to take a notepad along with you. Taking a notepad shows your interest in writing down important information that is said during the interview. The types of notebooks you should not take to an interview are those that have vulgar language written on them and those who have disturbing photos. I would carry along with me a notebook that is business type and small in size.
In conclusion utilizing artifacts is one of the best ways to announce our identities. Upon preparing for interviews we should keep in mind that we go for success and to convince the interviewee that we want to work. Your actions and your appearance tell a person basically everything that they want to know about you. It is always important to present yourself in an appearance that always gives a great first impression.

Wood, Julia T., Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters, 6th edition, Cengage.

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