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Articles Of Confederation Dbq Essay

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Articles of Confederation DBQ

No government is perfect, and no government is completely efficient; all governments have at least some problems and inefficiencies. The Articles of Confederations, which formed the American Confederacy, was no exception. The Articles of Confederation were transformed the United States into a more united America and gradually changed America for the better of its constitution. It also established some of the significant principles for the future, such as in the Constitution. Though it was not perfect, the Articles were able to address and solve many major problems regarding state inequality and western expansion during its reign. The Articles of Confederation were effective in maintaining proper order within the government and forming a government able to expand the growth of the United States.
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According to the letter from Delegate Joseph Jones of Virginia to George Washington in 1783, the Articles did not provide a method in which Congress could levy taxes and comply with the requests of the Revolutionary War soldiers. Because though states were not forced to give money to Congress, few voluntarily did so, and, therefore, Congress was unable to pay bonuses and back pay to the veterans. Though this may have been a factor in the formation of Shay’s Rebellion, that rebellion awakened Congress and allowed it to address the peoples’ needs, creating more equality. This lack of funds allowed the idea of federal income to harbor as a result of the states’ mandatory donations and provided the framework for the Constitution.
During the reign of the Articles of Confederation, the growth of the United States was maximized. According to John Jay’s instructions to the United States Minister to Great Britain, America wanted the British to vacate its posts and territories within the United States. Although this did not happen until after the termination of the Articles, Britain was still a superpower all the while, so obtaining these properties would prove impossible anyway without the consent of the British, which eventually happened in John Jay’s Treaty. The Northwest Ordinances formed the Northwest Territory from the newly obtained lands from the states (Doc. E), which allowed for the creation of efficient and orderly towns in which life was less violent than other areas with overlapping land claims in the trans-Appalachian South. As the United States’ population increased, it needed to increase the market value of United States exports to foreign powers, such as Great Britain. Because the Articles of Confederation did not allow that change (Doc. B), economic development was slowed; however, the relinquishment of economic growth allowed for the value to never decrease greatly, even amongst the United States’ turmoil, and prevented a potential economic depression.

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