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Article Reviews In Consumer Compliance. A Critical Analysis Of Research Design

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The 2004 article by Dellande, Gilly and Graham called “Gaining Compliance and Losing Weight: The Role of the Service Provider in Health Care Services” aims to demonstrate that compliance leads to goal attainment, therefore increasing satisfaction. Their findings show that attitudinal homophily and expertise plays a role in defining the customer role clarity, ability and motivation.

The 2010 article by Kasabov and Warlow called “Towards a new model of customer compliance service provision” aims to identify and examine the practice of re-designing service failure recovery and complaint management. Their findings suggest that that the traditional “customer-centricity” model ...view middle of the document...

The sample group was formed of 36 nurses and 376 of their assigned patients from several of these clinics in Southern California. Data collection was done by using archival data (qualitative), questionnaires and in-depth structured interviews (quantitative) with 8 patients and 9 nurses motivating it through McCracken’s (1988) theory that 8 participants are sufficient in any study. Bryman and Bell (2011) argue that with a Cross-Sectional Design external validity is strong when the sample from which data is collected has been randomly selected. In the article the sample is somewhat non-random because the nurses all work for the same clinic and the patients are assigned to these nurses, therefore questioning the generalizability. The abovementioned also specify that that replicability is likely to be present in most Cross-Sectional research that has a good handling of quantitative data. The authors provide variables which are well-structured and put into a matrix at the end to justify their claims, therefore highly increasing reliability. As far as validity goes, the article does mention that the strength of inferences about causal connections is limited; however by successfully finding the relationship between the variables used they manage to formulate a causal model hypothesis which in turn successfully determined that compliance leads to goal attainment.

The research design used in Kasabov and Warlow’s article is highly ambiguous but can be classified as a Case Study Design by focusing on a single situation, the CCBM’s service recovery and complaint management traits. Stake (1995) defines this design as research which is concerned with the complexity and particular nature of the case in question and it is further expanded by Bryman and Bell (2011) as a research on which the emphasis tends to be upon intensive examination of a certain setting. Knights and McCabe (1997) suggest that the case study provides a vehicle through which several qualitative methods can be combined, thereby avoiding too great a reliance on one single approach. However, the authors do not apply any traditional Case Study data collection methods due to the unavailability of extensive research in the field, and due to the current invalidity of past assumptions on this topic, therefore relying on propositions derived from the reversal of standard principles of service recovery and complaint management, their personal observation of practices of CCBMs and a number of conceptual expectations. This article does fall into Stake’s (1995) theory of Intrinsic Cases which are undertaken primarily to gain insight into the particularities of a situation and it is based on the anticipation of the opportunity to learn, however due to the exclusive nature of qualitative data that the authors have chosen to build upon, data analysis is very personal, questioning its reliability. Bryman and Bell (2011) observe that research whose point of orientation lies primarily with a qualitative...

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