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Article Review

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‘History of Minority Populations in the Child Welfare System’
Candice Nealy
Joseph Spalding
February 7, 2011

‘History of Minority Populations in the Child Welfare System’
Honore’-Collins, C.P. (2005). The impact of African American incarceration on
African American children in the child welfare system. Race, Gender & Class; 2005, Vol. 12 Issue 3/4, p107-118, 12p. Retrieved from EBSCOhost database.
The author and researchers used data collected from 2000 and 2001 statistics to evaluate the association of African Americans incarcerated and African American children displaced from the home and placed into the child welfare system. The author argues that there is a discrepancy in the way African Americans are sentenced compared to other race's and ...view middle of the document...

Child welfare league of America, Inc. Retrieved from Gale PowerSearch database
The authors show the significance of drug and alcohol abuse in the families of children in the child welfare system. Explaining the barriers faced when trying to receive treatment. The article explained how these barriers affected the possibility for family preservation. Some of the barriers mentioned in the article are based on gender, race, and socioeconomic. The authors detailed the barriers faced in the child welfare system, elaborating on when families faces these barriers how the short time frame that is in place to correct the problem is just not realistic, and in most case the families aren't able to obtain treatment.
McPhatter, A.R. (1997). Cultural competence in child welfare: What is it? How do we
achieve it? What happens without it? Child Welfare League of America, Inc. Retrieved from ProQuest database.
This is an excellent article defining Cultural competence and the foundational components for every child welfare worker actively engaged in becoming culturally competent. The author furnishes steps for achieving cultural competence that consist of openness to continual development. The Cultural competence Attainment Model described by the authors consists of three components, each component is substantial but not any component is sufficient alone. The author produces a child welfare challenge and a challenge for professionals to identify if Cultural competent has been personally attained. The author makes the reader well aware that the majority of individuals in the child welfare system are minorities, and the professionals that work for the system are Caucasian, and may be cultural incompetence that stops them from intensively connecting with client’s goal.

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