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Should the Federal Affirmative Action Program be abandoned?

Should the Federal Affirmative Action Program be abandoned?
Yes, the federal affirmative action program should be abandoned. Affirmative action is controversial because many people believe it encourages special treatment of certain groups and encourages so-called reverse discrimination. When we became citizens of this nation we received a warranty. We were guaranteed the right to vote; the right to due process; the right to be free, not to be enslaved, as long as we conduct ourselves in agreement with the laws of our nation; and the right to equal treatment under the law, regardless of our race, color, sex, religion, or ...view middle of the document...

Now let us leap frog into the future and look at affirmative action in the year 2012. Affirmative action has become the polar opposite of what it was meant to do. Affirmative action has become a system of reverse racism. When this nation began its use of affirmative action decades ago, America's racial landscape was rather clear. There was the dominant white majority and the oppressed black minority. Today, we have several dozen racial and ethnic categories across the continental United States. There is no dominant majority and there is no oppressed minority. Our racial tensions are no longer just black and white. Our racial diversity has a whole new set of problems that do not tie back to the old racial order. Affirmative action still operates as if the old order was still in place, as if our racial dilemma was still black against white. These preferences to minorities have caused a perception that if I am white, I and my kids will not have an equal opportunity to succeed. Ask the student who works hard for four years to earn a 4.0 grade...

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