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Article Analysis Moral Panics: Culture, Politics, And Social Construction

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Article Analysis
Moral Panics: Culture, Politics, and Social Construction

One might heard about threats, warnings and illegal actions that are influencing the society at their peak. No matter which culture an individual is belonged to, the thing that matters is the panic he has been influenced by, through various ways. Such panic is simply termed as moral panic and it has been the cause of cultural conflicts, social disturbances and political issues. Moral panic has been a hot topic of discussion that considered through several different perspectives; emphasizing on this aspect, various scholars and researchers have illustrated the society with the instances of social, ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, action groups have also been created as the result of moral panic. Considering the existing measures and remedies insufficient, the action groups are coped with the new threat. In addition to it, two features are considered to portray the moral panic and to notify the witness that community is in the rule of moral panic; thus expansion disaster mentality and creation of construction of folk devils have been considered those two features. Describing the folk devil a deviant, Goode and Ben-Yehuda state that an individual is a folk devil of he is involved in misconduct or crime and his actions reflect harm to the community. They are considered evil and selfish and some generous measures should be taken to normalize their actions. In this way, in spectrum of moral panic, the establishment of disaster mentality has strong connection with the measures taken before, after or during a natural disaster. These involve likelihoods of awaiting doom, threat’s institutionalization, false alarms and overreactions.
Social Problems and Moral Panics:
Entering the concept of social problems, it is said that social problems can be looked through constructionist or objectivist approach. According to the objectivists, social problem is an object that harms or damages the wellbeing and human life; a condition that can be the cause of disease or death and harmful for the quality of life is considered social problem (Manis, 1976). These social problems include sexism, oppression and racism (Merton et al, 1976). On the other hand, the constructionist perspective says that social problems have no physical existence; rather these problems exist in the human minds. These problems can be expressed and reality can be measured through voting on issues, activism and involvement in social movements. Meanwhile, it is important to observe the social dynamics that are the cause of social problems. Continuing the debate on social problems, it has been said that when the social problems become a threat to the societal interests and values then these are considered the moral panics. Concern, hostility, consensus, disproportionality and volatility are the basic attributes of moral panics; these are the characteristics of social problems that can generate moral panics.
Goode and Ben-Yehuda (1994) have tried to convey to the world that social problems should be considered as assembled phenomenon; what contains an issue is the apprehension that sectors of the society sense regarding a particular condition. Through constructionism, that apprehension should not be stand a strong relationship with tangible harm or damage that the scenario causes or postures. At times, the societies sense the intense feelings of threats and harms; such critical periods are for some time and this is the reason, sociologists like Goode and Ben-Yehuda refer these periods to moral panics and nominate deviants as the agents that are responsible for folk devils. Considering this aspect,...

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