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Article Analysis Changes In Childhood Food Consumption Patterns: A Cause For Concern In Light Of Increasing Body Weights

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Article Analysis - Changes in Childhood Food Consumption Patterns: A Cause for Concern in Light of Increasing Body Weights

Article Analysis - Changes in Childhood Food Consumption Patterns: A Cause for Concern in Light of Increasing Body Weights

The article talks about how the fast food industry is contributing to the growing number of cases of obesity among school children. The article explains that school children nowadays are not getting the necessary nutrients from the food they buy at fast food outlets such as the school cafeteria. The article says that “school lunches tended to exceed the national recommendations for fat, saturated ...view middle of the document...

1069). With regard a la carte food items sold in the school stores where school children tend to buy more than one item, the article explains that such practice “often lead to greater fat consumption than would “lead to greater fat consumption “ (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p. 1070) than food prepared at home and food sold in the school cafeteria. What makes the situation worse is some stores found inside the school do not sell “fresh fruits and vegetables” (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p. 1070). One research cited by the article concludes “that the lack of fruit, juice, and vegetable choices in snack bars or the presence of competing snacks and high-fat, high-sugar desserts at snack bars may account for the differences in fruit juice, and vegetable consumption between students who have access to a snack bar and those who do not” (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p. 1070).
The environment has changed the demand for food and has affected its prices. This is very evident in that part of the article which talked about fast food consumption. It was explained that “the changing nature of the food supply; increased reliance on foods consumed away from home; food advertising, marketing, and promotion; and food price” (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p. 1068) are some of the influences of the environment on people’s eating habits. These imply that the environment seems to dictate to the children of today how to eat and have totally deviated their attention away from the correct way of eating. Even the changing lifestyle of the modern family has affected what used to be the healthy way of eating. The article explains that the food industry responded to this change by “increasing the number of convenience foods and prepared meals” (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p. 1069). What made things worst was the increase in portion sizes “over the past 2 decades” (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p. 1069).
The change in the eating habits of people particularly that of the school children has changed the supply of snacks or ready to eat food and their prices. Still many schools would like to provide quality food to their students, “restricted school budgets often lead to outsourcing of the food service department” (Onge, Keller, Heymsfield, p....

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