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Artemis Images Essay

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Case 3 – Artemis Images
1. Chris started her business because she realized a simple business model that would lead to revenue and success with the proper launch. She realized “digitizing documents using the latest technology, tagging them with easy-to-read labels, and linking them to search engines for easy retrieval and widespread use” will meet customers’ wants/needs while also preserving images and data and earning revenue. The strategy of the model it to provide digitizing services to companies in exchange for rights to market the content on the internet, receive merchandising rights, and also promotion of Artemis Images ULR with each partner. While Artemis Images provides a ...view middle of the document...

George Dickert is a marketing expert. He will provide the company with many strategic options to making sales, and promoting the company. Without a marketer the company will be unheard of.
Frank Costanzo is the expert in content technology. He is the brains of the company. He will manage the projects with strategic solutions for customers, and provide up to date content technology products. He will provide quality products for those customers looking to remember and display special images and content.
Greg Hughes has a great deal of sales experience as a senior sales executive. Having such an experienced salesperson and marketer will provide the company with an advantage in adverting, promoting and in return earning revenue. The will be able to work together to reach a large audience and gain clients all of the world, and World Wide Web.
3. Chris made the company in the form of an S-corporation. The division of ownership within the company is split up equally four ways between each partner, Chris, George, Frank, and Greg. Each member was expected to work and contribute an equal amount in order to receive a 25% interest in the company. They were expected to equally work as a team and therefore no one was given a title in the company.
4. The business model for Artemis Images lies within...

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