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Artemis Essay

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The Artemis Sportswear Company has experienced many downfalls and many gains since the company has been opened. Especially trying to compete with companies like Nike, reebok, and the new up and comer under armour. On this proposal we are going to try and design a plan to assist Artemis Sportswear Company in cutting their operational costs to increase worldwide profits, while also taking in consideration the effect on workers and their productivity.
With the economy on the rise from the recent downfall in 2008, every company that survived and is still in business is on the hunt to increase profits and become the next big thing. With Artemis and the ever ...view middle of the document...

To really get put on a pedestal they need to create the next big thing. With nike and reebok creating new equipment like cold weather gear or shoes that can connect to your smartphone, Artemis will need to up the ante. While also considering the employee, getting feedback from and also acknowledging their inputs can create a good workspace and also increase productivity.
On the other hand, a way the company could produce exceptional profits can easily be done thru the internet. Marketing and selling product on the internet can greatly improve a company as well as beating out any other companies. For an example, the way blockbuster went bankrupt due to internet delivery, streaming off the internet, and now on demand capabilities from cable television (Torre 2011). For Artemis to go this route they will need a lot of time, about a week, and web designers to create a website for the company. They will also need to create the right design to keep the image they want not only for the company but also for the customers they are trying to keep coming back. Creating a website can greatly improve cutting the operational cost, instead of having many locations open, with staff working in the stores, instead of having five locations with an internet site the company can have three locations because of the website sales. The internet can greatly improve a companies sales.

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