Art Vs Design Essay

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If we want to talk about Design, many people will think about work of Art because we usually see those words beside each other as Art and Design such as a name of a school “School of Art and Design” and understand Design convey aesthetics as Art but their meaning is totally different. Moreover, lines between them are complex and intriguing. Many designers are artists and many artists are designers. Artists almost never want to be called designers but many designers seem to want recognition as artists. However, as easily explain, art is created by artists or aspiring artists or artistic creation while design is produced by designers. In fact, Art and Design have a connection between them. ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, Art is about creating works which try to arouse a response in the viewer, to make them rethink assumptions or look in a new or specific way. Art is something completely separate. Good artists should convey a message or inspire an emotion it does not have to adhere to any specific rules. Artists are creating their own rules. Art is something that can draw a single thought or feeling such as happiness or sadness from the hands of the artist. The artists are free to express themselves in any shape, form, color, using any number of methods to transfer their message. Artists do not need to explain why or what they did something
Different roles
As the beginning of the article, many designers are artists and many artists are designers. There are some designers who could be loosely called artists. However, the problem is not that designers cannot be artists but it is that being a designer is different from being an artist, just different between driving trains...

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