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Art Theory Essay

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The Introduction of the book (Art Theory) of Robert Williams is generally refers to the existence of art history and art theory at the same time. As far as the importance is concerned, there is no significant difference between art history and art theory. These two always correlated in every way in one aspect, learning art theory; obviously it will provide you the importance of art history at the same time, in studying, and engagement with art.

When understanding art, philosophy attempts to come up with theories about art. This theory is maybe a set of principles that define and explains the full meaning of art. However, sometimes, just because a theory is wrong doesn't mean it has no ...view middle of the document...

This theory is maybe a set of principles that define and explains the full meaning of art. However, sometimes, just because a theory is wrong doesn't mean it has no value, we can describe the importance of every art theory even if it is wrong or right. For that reason, an art theory may satisfy the needs, and it will always find exceptions in the history of art.

As we go to the purpose of studying art theory, history should always be part of it. According to Robert Williams, Studying theory should be approached historically, that it is within a comprehensive history of art that the study of theory has most to offer.

For example the contemporary art, that involves multifaceted of artists, artwork, audience and art institutions. All of these aspects demonstrate with each other, and changes through history. This complex ideas change through history and produce conflicts between common and uncommon creativity.
These features and significance of the art history and theory should be defined in any one of the factors, the artist, artwork, audience, and art institutions, which these factors traditionally examined to define what art is. Art should expand beyond the traditional factors and takes into account history. Therefore, people looks at art through a more broad understanding next to the expression...

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