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Art Schedule Essay

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The Knight: perfect and genteel man…loved truth, chivalry, freedom, and honor..distin-
Guished. Never boasted or bored listeners.

The Squire: candidate for knighthood….ladies’ man..proud of his appearance…sings, composes melodies, writes poetry, and rides with distinction…son of knight.

The Yeoman: servant to knight and squire..dressed in woodsman and excellent shot with bow and arrow….humble

The Prioress/Nun: Madame Eglantine…never cursed…fashionable, well-educated…spoke affected French…coy and delicate…good table manners and courteous and amiable…could not stand pain or to see an animal in distress…had 3 small dogs. Dressed ...view middle of the document...

.they had the best cook.

The Cook: master of his trade….knew how to boil, bake, roast, and fry…had a running open sore on his shin…best dish was creamed chicken pie with white sauce the same color of the pus from the sore…

The Shipman: huge man…somewhat uncouth…master of a vessel…knew all the coast of Europe…could read the stars…fought well…did not ride horses well.

The Doctor: knew astrology as well as medicine…could tell the variations of sickness…thought to be in league with the pharmacist…knew nothing of the Bible…made much money from the plague but doesn’t spend it readily….prescribes gold for cures…

The Wife of Bath: somewhat deaf…excellent seamstress and weaver…first at altar or offering in church…kerchiefs very weighty and fancy…wore red stockings..married 5 times, all at church…gap-toothed…rode a horse easily…enjoyed good fellowship…laughed at jokes…special talent at remedies of love.

The Parson: very poor but rich in holy thoughts and works…would rather give own money to parishioners than demand tithes…live a perfect life first…then teach it by example…

The Plowman: ideal man…small tenant farmer who lived in perfect peace and charity…loved God…always honest with neighbors and paid his tithes in church.

The Miller: big, brawny man who could outwrestle any man…short-shouldered, broad...

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