Art: Romanesque And Gothic Architecture Essay

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Art: Romanesque and Gothic Architecture

The Romanesque and gothic styles were both placed in the western period during the middle ages. Both styles were mostly applied in architecture. Romanesque art started in the 7th century and it reached the rest of the Western Europe in a short period of time. Romanesque was the main artistic style in the 12th century until it gave way to the beginning of gothic architecture (Banister 12). Romanesque art come into being around 1000 AD and lasted until 1150 AD. The name Romanesque came from the fusion of Roman, Carolingian and Ottonian. The Romanesque architectural styles were of Roman origin. The structural design included large internal ...view middle of the document...

The building (as seen from pictures) has thick stone walls, the roof consisting of mostly wood and a few windows that rendered the building mostly dark in the inside. The building has round arches and monumental columns to hold the weight of the structure in a typically Romanesque style.

Early gothic
Laon Cathedral, Laon, France

The Laon Cathedral is an example of gothic architecture and dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. The cathedral being of early gothic age has pointed arches and less glass; it has four rose windows one in each of the four cardinal directions (Kenneth 24). The east front just above the main alter has a big rose window along with three huge lancets below it. The west window matches that of east in its structure while the rose window in the north transept is packed with medallions. The south rose window is considered to be more interesting not for its glass but more for its structure.

Higher Gothic
Milan Cathedra, Milan, Italy

The Milan cathedral consists of a plan that has a nave with four side aisles that is crossed by a transept. The nave’s height is about 45meters and its (the nave’s) columns are 24.5meters. The...

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