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Megan Zastoupil
Art paper
Stone Arch Bridge and vicinity at night
This art piece was created by Brian M. Gardner, He is an artist in Minnesota and has been snapping photos for several years but only recently has he thought that he has got the process down. This photo is the second shot of the Stone Arch Bridge and vicinity at night. This one has a different perspective than the previous shot and it shows a bit more in it. It is an exposure shot. On the website his photos are nearly all taken with an older Pentax SLR and a professional grade manual lens. He thinks this is the best possible way to get a worthy picture even though it might be expensive and time consuming.
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In my opinion, I like the style of black and white because it makes it more dramatic and it stands out from regular colored pictures. This picture is also easy on the eyes and people that look at it can easily identify with what they are seeing and judge the image accordingly. This artist likes to use photography to tell stories like in his pictures of the Target field but this one it is harder to capture the story because there are no people or other objects in the picture other than the buildings and bridge. Brian likes to contrast his pictures by using black and white to really bring out the photo. This shot is probably one of the simpler pictures out of his collection but that is why I like it because sometimes artists tend to sometimes go overboard and over the top to be noticed but this photo is simple, elegant, and easy to view.
Possibly if he branches out more than just taking photos of architecture it would expand his horizons but improve himself as an artist. He is not a traditional artist, he does not paint or draw but his art is through photography and he really shows how he is feeling through his photos and why he takes them. He wants people to see where he’s coming from and what he thinks is beautiful about the world he lives in. Not just the normal places everyone knows and likes, but out of the usual and not all the same. This photo makes you sit down and really think about what Brian was really thinking at the time and why he took this photo. This photo is really peaceful and...

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