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Art Museum Database Essay

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Art Museum Database
What is Needed and What Can Go Wrong

Craig Hill
University of Phoenix
A database needed to accomidate an art museum would be vary simple an very complicated at the same time. The database would need to have the names of the artists, name of the art and where it is located. Along with the entities stated above, there would also be the details that are unseen in the database. When the art was purchased or donated, the estimated value, the year it was painted, what kind of media was used, ect.
In order to have a full database of information you would need the afformentioned data, and that is where you come into trouble and constraints.
The amount of data that could be entered would be endless when it comes to art, so when the database is being created it needs to be taken into account that memory limits are in place. So choosing what query criteria should be used is vital. Obviously you want to be able to search for art by ...view middle of the document...

Not using stored procedures to access data
9. Trying to build generic objects
10. Lack of testing” (Davidson, 2007)
One notable issue you could run into is the naming standards. Everything shouldn’t start with the word art or even the letter A. Every name should represent each query appropriatly leaving the word art only in two names.
Artist (You should only use the word artist so that you can avoid naming something such as ArtName which could misconstrue for the name of the Art instead of the artist)

The goal of the databse is so that art information can be stored and retrieved. More specifically in this scenario, the database want to be able to call upon the name of an art, the artist who created it and where it can be located in the museum. Any of the extra information is there for asthectic and potential insurance purposes.
Scope and Boundries-
As stated above, the database in this situation is simble and complex at the same time. The complex part is the actual work that goes into it. The simple part however is what is coming our of it in the end. “The designer must recognize the existance of two sets of limits: scope and boundries. The systems scope defines the extent of the design according to the operational requirements.” And also consider, “Has any designer ever been told “We have all the time in the world or “Use an unlimited budget and use as many people needed to make the design come together”? Boundaries are also imposed by existing hardware and software.” (Rob/Coronel)
The databse isn’t for some fortune 500 company, so it needs to be kept in mind that it does not nee a ton of money and resources thrown at it just a few workers and a well though out plan. A visual aid of what the design would take them miles in the creation process.

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