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Art In Education Essay

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Should Art be Continued in Education? We as humans cannot outrun a cheetah; we cannot swim like a shark and we cannot swing from the trees like a primate. However, we possess one quality that stands out among creatures because most other animals don't possess it although there are some exceptions like Koko the ASL primate who was taught to sign by humans. We do everything else like the other animals: we seek out our own mate, we live in communities and find food, but it is that special ability that sets us apart from the rest of the creatures on earth. The ability that is being reflected is the fact that humans use words to communicate with each other (Thomas).The advancement of these ...view middle of the document...

If students are allowed to use art to study history, they will have a much better understanding of it because they have a visual of the time period in front of them (Eisner).In early civilizations, pictures were used to express experiences and memories for other to interpret. In today's society there are many languages. Art is the universal language, the key translator. There are many words in many different languages to describe the same thing. If a person that is Spanish is talking to a person that is Nigerian, they can say whatever they want to each other and not understand a word of what was said. But as soon as art becomes involved, it brings a whole new aspect to the interaction. People who speak different languages are able to understand each other. People can explain things with the use of art that words cannot. Art captures emotions that words will never be able to describe (Getty).Second, art has no particular answer. It has been stated that when a child can properly place trees, grass, and the sky on a drawing, this child is ready to begin to read. As a child learns to read, he or she is also taught how to spell. There is only one correct way to arrange the letters to form a word. This concept of being correct or incorrect follows this child in almost every subject in school. Children are taught that this is how things are in life, either right or wrong with no chance of the answer being maybe. The child's task is to find the correct answer and the teacher's task is to tell the student if he or she is right. If the child is wrong, it can bring a feeling of frustration and a feeling of anger, not only toward him or herself but toward the teacher as well (Eisner).With art, there are so many ways to interpret the same thing. There is no right or wrong answer, because the possibilities for the answer are endless. One person might see a tree in a swirl of greens and browns, another might see a storm, and another might see a man whose hopes are fading. These students' interpretations are all correct because it is what they see. Math and science require complex solutions to problems but there are no art configuration problems. Art, on the other hand, has no one particular solution. There is less frustration, confusion, and more room to be creative (Eisner).The third reason that art should be included in high school education is that art enriches the mind. Students have to use basic thinking skills to interpret art. What the artist was feeling, and what the artist was trying to display are simple questions that a person has to ask oneself before interpreting the masterpiece as what one perceives it to be. Art allows students to grow in what, how, and why they understand what they see (McLaughlin).Artists see more than just a pencil on a desk. They see a whole world of figures, shapes, dimensions, and colors. Taking art would allow students to perceive all that is around them with more admiration and respect. Art can broaden a child's ability...

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