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Art History Revised 1 Edition Essay

857 words - 4 pages

Veronica Rodriquez
Professor John Fisher
Assignment 1
Art 100 -040: Introduction to World Art
October 1 2013
Visit to the Brooklyn Museum of Art
Upon entering the Egyptian Gallery of the Brooklyn Museum, I felt like the hands of time were turned back and I was in another world; an ancient world. I started looking around trying to find a piece that would catch my interest. There were many, but among them one piece stood out. That piece is “Statue of a Family Group”; it’s a family of three. This family is made up of a father, a mother and a little boy.
The name of this piece is “Statue of a Family Group”. The piece is said to be from the Old ...view middle of the document...

Her head is not as erect as the father figure’s. Her eyes are opened and it looks as though her gaze is towards the floor. Her hair is parted in the center from her hairline in the front to about midway going backwards and her hair is pulled down on either side of her head. She has what looks like a headband resting on her forehead. Her hair is reaching just above her shoulders. Her right hand is holding to the dominant male left leg and her left hand is resting gently on his left shin. Her dress clings to her body and reaches down to her ankle. She is kneeling with legs stretched out behind her and her buttocks resting gently on her legs; she is barefooted. To the left of the dominant male is little boy standing. He looks like he could be about five to six years old. His hair is braided in a side lock that is resting on his right shoulder. His eyes are opened and he seems to be gazing straight ahead. His left hand is behind the dominant’s male right leg and his right hand is bent at the elbow going up towards his face with hand closed and the index finger touching his chin. He is naked. He is barefooted with feet aligned with each other.

In the period this art work is from,...

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